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The wooden timepiece

by Matthew Price November 13, 2014

Elegant and timeless, the Original Timber Watch excels at fusing cultural beauty and modern trends. Handcrafted by the artisans of Timber Watches from organic bamboo, this eco-friendly timepiece embodies grace, integrity and honor. Our heirloom quality watch is built to stand the test of time.  Uniquely Beautiful  Each piece of bamboo has its own unique characteristics, which are artfully integrated into the wooden timepiece to create a one-of-a-kind treasure. Available at an affordable $80, the design of the lightweight watch is both classic and modern. The face of the timepiece is carefully sculpted and meticulously sanded to create a silky smooth surface. It is also well sealed to prevent swelling in humid climates. In place of the traditional numbers are distinctive tick marks in one-minute and five-minute increments. The lightly colored wood is accented by a darker brown band that is made from leather and stitched with red thread. Since the watch band includes seven perforated holes, you are guaranteed to find a perfect fit. Over time, the leather will mold to the shape of your wrist for added comfort. Showcasing simplicity at its best, this versatile bamboo watch is an exceptional fashion accessory that can be worn by men and women, with any outfit and on any occasion. With an Original Timber Watch on your wrist, your unique beauty and individuality are sure to shine through.  The Benefits of Sustainable, Durable Bamboo Watches  Our wooden watch is constructed from one of the earth's strongest, most resilient plants. The hardy bamboo is among the fastest growing vegetation in the world. Its rapid production and short life cycle makes bamboo an ideal material for constructing just about anything you can imagine. Wearing wooden jewelry also allows you to reduce your carbon footprint since it requires three times as much energy to extract and manufacture steel materials than wooden ones. The organic material is also perfect for people who typically have allergic reactions to metallic jewelry. Free of harmful chemicals, a bamboo watch is an excellent alternative to synthetic materials that can cause uncomfortable welts and itchy rashes. Our Original Timber Watch does include a metal clasp, dial and face inlay.   Bamboo: A Symbol of Luck and Power  Bamboo is considered a lucky plant throughout Southeast Asia, where it is assigned such altruistic qualities as moral uprightness, strength and tenacity. In many regions, it is even believed to have special powers that ward off evil spirits. Bamboo groves are often planted as protection around Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples. In China, the plant is referred to as Fu Gwey Zhu, which links fortune and power with the bamboo stalks. Gifts of bamboo are often exchanged as a symbol of loyal friendship and for wishes of happiness and prosperity. A wooden watch is the perfect present for eco-minded philanthropists, carpenters, woodworkers and anyone who values the simplistic beauty found in nature. Each timepiece arrives nestled inside an exquisite keepsake wooden box that includes a protective pillow and the Timber logo stamped on the top. 
Matthew Price
Matthew Price

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